• labour hire perth

    Client: Final Trim Operators

  • Bin Saver Website

    Client: Bin Saver

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    Client: Robinson Insurance

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    Client: The Esplanade Hotel Port Hedland

Imagine Multimedia
Hi, thinking about a new website?

My name is Graham and I’m a designer/programmer based in Perth, Western Australia. (Location doesn’t really matter though, I have clients in Thailand, Canada and New Zealand).

If you are after a website or web-based application for your business or if you have a web-based business idea that you are passionate about, give me a call and I can help you turn it into a reality. oh wait a sec!

If you call me, expect that I’ll ask you lots of questions about your website idea. I like my potential clients to have a clear business plan and budget (not just web development, but marketing too!) before I start working on a website proposal, so we have clear goals and a steady foundation for a successful project.

I’ve been doing this a while now (over 10 years), so expect a straight shooter. I won’t take on new projects if I’m overloaded or if I think a project is not well thought out. The good news is, I won’t bullsh*t you or over-promise and under-deliver. Let’s create something that will work for everyone involved. 🙂